Middle School Program

Unique Opportunities

Curious and keen to learn, she balances her childlike and adult-like qualities while going through a time of great change. Crofton House offers unique opportunities to uncover her interests and strengths - from outdoor education programs to athletics, from Discovery Projects to public speaking, music and design studios.

“You challenge yourself to go beyond what you think you can.”
“There are so many great leadership opportunities here.”

Prepared for the World

At Crofton House, girls are at the centre of everything we do. Here, she develops the confidence to embrace responsibility, challenge assumptions and learn from her mistakes. Every girl is a leader, and a Crofton education helps her develop the attributes necessary to make a difference in the world.

Developing a community of friends

The intimate, comprehensive and enriched middle school program at Crofton House develops her confidence, resilience and creativity, and prepares her for high school. She discovers and builds her strengths in relation to others, generating a caring and strong community of friends.

“It's really great to be in a creative atmosphere.”
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