Early Childhood Education Centre

Play-based approach to learning

We believe in the value of a play-based approach to learning in her early years. It shapes her future as an imaginative student, as a successful learner, and as a curious explorer of the world.

“I love the woods and the places to play.”
“I really like my teacher.”

A Path For Ongoing Learning

Every aspect of our Early Childhood Education Centre has been intentionally created for the young girl, with care and attention to the smallest detail. Setting a path for ongoing learning, the needs of each and every girl are met by a team of outstanding early childhood educators in classrooms and outdoor spaces designed to reinforce play-based learning.

Fundamental Literacy and Numeracy Skills

A rich play experience is infused with fundamental literacy and numeracy skills. In this environment, she develops critical and creative thinking, while learning to communicate and work with others.

“Everybody is so welcoming.”
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